An Irrevocable Condition

Calvin Harrison, 23, USA
“Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition” -James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room

How does one find a place for himself in the world? Is it actually a process of discovery, or creation? The photos in this series interrogate the idea of home away from home. Three months after graduating from university, I moved to Egypt. I left my home in the United States: my family, my friends, a place where I fit in and understood most things. But I also left behind a
physical space with physical manifestations: a bed, a desk, a dresser. Before one can have a home away from home, one must have a house away from home. These photographs document the quotidian details of surviving in a new place and how, through surviving, one can find ways to thrive in unfamiliar environments.

  1. Managing Director
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