How Big is Your Space?

Donia Fares, 23, Cairo
   When you look up the definition of the word “Space” in your old geography book, you will find it defined as a steady, a free, and an available area. It has dimensions, a depth, a height and a width, where things could be occupied and even move. And if you researched further you will find more related words. There is the “Self Space”, and it is defined as the space where the body and its part can move without traveling away from its starting location. The body can move to a “Personal Space”; a space where you need your own time to think along with your freedom of movement. However you can always go to a “Public Space”, a space that can be accessed by you and other people, moving freely from one area to another area. But don’t forget to keep your own personal space!
By merging all spaces together, another dimension is formed, and is only defined after experimentation.
So, how big is your space?
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