2018, June, Business DayEgyptian artist swims against the current, but tentatively
2016, August, Creative Feel,  When Nourhan Refaat Holds a Camera
2016, August, Ahram Hebdo, Un Vintage Rebelle
2016, August, Cairo Scene, Egyptian Nourhan Refaat Maayouf Wins Prestigious Barclays l'Atelier Award in Staged Photography
2016, July, AfricaHow an Award-winning Egyptian Artist Uses Photography to Tell Personal Stories
2016, July, Netwerk 24L’Atelier-wenner ‘nou uit haar gemaksone’
2016, July, Design IndabaThis award-winning photo captures the muffled side of relationships
2016, July, Ahram OnlinePhotography as storytelling: An interview with an award-winning Egyptian photographer
2013, February, Egypt TodayUp-and-coming young photographer Nourhan Refaat tests darker waters with her conceptual works​


2018, May, Creative Feel,  2016 Absa L’Atelier winner Nourhan Maayouf heads to SA for solo exhibition
2016, September, Mada MasrRoznama 5: The return of politics, including some empty gestures
2016, September, Ahram OnlineYoung Egyptian artists display creative versatility in expanded Roznama
2016, July, IsmorboNourhan Refaat Maayouf captura las complejidades y silencios de las relaciones
2016, July, Netwerk 24Egiptiese kunstenaar wen gesogte SA prys
2016, July, City BuzzBarclays celebrates African art
2016, July, Ahram OnlineYoung Egyptian artist wins South Africa's prestigious art competition
2016, July, Business DaySelf-taught photographer wins Barclays L’Atelier’s main prize
2016, July, Art South AfricaEgyptian artist Nourhan Refaat tops 2016 Barclays L'Atelier Competition

2018, May, SABC News, South Africa  Nourhan Maayouf on her solo art exhibition


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